My Nasofix Review

I ‘d like to share my review about Nasofix – a tool that promises to reshape noses.  I’m happy to say, it does its job, really.  I came across this product as I was browsing thru  – a discount site.  I immediately got interested with the product but had my doubts regarding its claims that it can improve the appearance of your nose in as early as 10 days.  I googled reviews and found all of them positive, tried to google more to search for possible negative feedbacks – the only one I got is a forum where people raises their doubts that the product could be a scam, but no one in that forum actually tried nasofix (sorry I forgot the URL).  Anyway, so I ordered one for P675 J saving about 50% off

I was able to claim the product on Oct 26th, good thing the distributor’s office was so near my place.  It was supposed to be in Maysilo, Malabon but when I called up the office to notify them I’ll be claiming the product, they advised that they relocated to Malinta, Valenzuela.  I was just so thankful I called up first as I could have wasted time going to Malabon when Malinta office is just a 10-min ride from home (I live in Valenzuela City). I have to admit I did not expect that packaging would be in a brown envelope, blue plastic, and another plastic film.  I was expecting it to be in a box, bubble wrap, complete with manual, etc.

Nonetheless, I believe the product I got is the original Nasofix.  I recalled I read that you just place it on the widest part of your nose, and so I did.  From the night of Oct 26 until Oct 30, I was religiously wearing the Nasofix tool for 2-3 times a day, 30-60 mins.  It gives a sort of stinging feeling.. a bit warm after 8 minutes or so.. unfortunately, I missed to use it on Oct  31st.  I read from some blog that if you missed to use the tool for one day, it’s like you have to start over again.

So Nov 1, I used nasofix again and marked that day as Day 1.  I have used Nasofix from that day forward, wearing it for like 30 mins to over an hour.. for as frequent as I could (like up to 2x a day if I have day work and 3-4 times if I just stay home).  After two weeks I have not seen any improvement and I was starting to have doubts.  I even thought I could be the first person to possibly write a negative review of the product.  I tried to search for newer reviews over the net then I saw Nasofix page on Facebook and this blog

I read that you can email if you got concerns regarding the product and so I did and got the response the next day.

So I learned that I was not placing Nasofix properly on my nose all the while.. and it seems I have to start all over again.  So, November 16 would be the Day 1 of using the device properly.   I did what was instructed, and made sure I wear it for max of 20 mins each use.  They say you can increase the frequency of usage but not the duration.  I used it up to 3x a day.  I started noticing changes on the 12th day and saw significant improvement on the 14th or 15th day.

Now is my 22nd day, I can’t help staring at my nose every minute at the mirror – I am already happy how it looks now.

Here are my old and new pics.

I’ll use the device until January for further improvement and to make the changes permanent.

Check out and

Thanks for reading. J

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17 Responses to My Nasofix Review

  1. Wello says:

    hi ann! i just read ur blog. uu nga, its so amazing! 😉

  2. fatima says:

    hi! can you also post a picture on how you place the device on your nose? would be very much appreciated if you did. thanks! 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think this review is not true. She only made this blog to post her review. I think she write good review and send link to the nasofix so the company will pay her.

  4. john says:

    This is such a scam!!!! I’m onto you!!!

  5. Brittany says:

    Hey there! I just read your blog, and I too have been using Nasofix for almost 2 months now. Iv’e seen great improvments, but am just so fearful that my “new nose” wont stay permanent. Iv’e emailed the but they never were able to give me a strait up answer to if the final results from using Nasofix stay permenant. It’s really bugging me because I don’t want to have to wear this little device everyday for the rest of my life… haha. I just wanted to get your opinion on it, and if you’ve stopped using it already, have your final results stayed??
    I’d love to hear your take on this 🙂

    Thanks a million,


    • enzicey says:

      Hi Brittany, sorry my reply has to be this late. I did not suspect I’d receive more comments here so I did not visit wordpress for a while. I think I used nasofix for almost 2 months before giving it to my friend who wanted a free trial. And I think the result has stayed until now. How about yours?

  6. Holy!!! ok so basically what you mean is it does work!!! for any nose whatsoever?

  7. blahblah says:

    wow so it really does work?

    • enzicey says:

      Yup, I guess. But result is really subtle. Unless they memorized the appearance of your nose before, people won’t really notice. In my case, only my mom, my boyfriend, and my bestfriend did (or commented at least) 😀

  8. Lady says:

    front view looks only a lil bit different, but when you turn to the side views you can really see a difference in the size of your nostrils! Im really hoping that I can use this on my dorsal hump. I hope it works!

  9. Abbie says:

    wow you can definately see a change!, your nose was lovely before hon, but I guess we’re all striving for perfection huh?..thanks so much!, im dying to try this product and this has given me some confidence to do it! Good luck, hope it goes all well for you xx

    • enzicey says:

      Thanks Abbie. Actually I did expect far better result but I realized Nasofix wouldn’t bring out miracle, only realistic changes, which is good anyway.

  10. sash says:

    wow amazing nga hehe.. goood result

  11. enzicey says:

    Hi, I am such an inactive blogger, if I could even be called one. I just read about 26 comments today which oldest date was in 2012 (yikes), and felt really guilty I was not able to reply. Sorry guys..

  12. enzicey says:

    for those who are asking how to place the device properly, you can refer to this blogsite

    sorry, have to refer you to other site cause I’m not good at writing up instructions

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